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Posted: Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Voya Financial October Zoom Seminars: 'What's Your Digital Game Plan for the Pandemic and Beyond?'

Voya Financial has established an in-depth learning curriculum for participants. Its weekly Zoom workshops address the concerns of every individual—whether newly hired, mid-career, or nearing retirement. Workshops provide the financial education that everyone has been looking for but could never find. You do not have to be a Voya customer to participate.

The following workshops take place on Fridays at noon:

Investment Concepts Simplified
October 16

You don’t need to be an expert or a stock market whiz to put an investment strategy into place. By focusing on just a few fundamentals, you can have a solid investment plan for your retirement or other financial goals. This webinar will explain investing concepts in plain English and provide simple, practical ways to help you invest with confidence.

Evaluating Your Investments: Beyond the Basics
October 23

This webinar moves beyond investment basics to evaluation investments using various portfolio analysis tools and resources. Topics include an in-depth look at asset allocation, including sub-asset classes and relative risk and return. Attendees will learn various techniques and best practices to help them create a sound and appropriate investment strategy for their personal retirement goals.

Financial Wellness
October 30
Financial wellness is about a healthy balance between living for today while preparing financially for tomorrow—a balance that lets you live within your means, feel confident about your future, and be prepared for what is next. This webinar will cover the guiding principles of financial wellness to help you identify your own priorities and your next best steps, along with resources to help you get there.

Please e-mail Molly Pecoraro to register. Make sure to specify the workshop(s) you are registering for. A Zoom link will be provided upon registration.

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