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Posted: Monday, March 22, 2021

Update from the IIAC: Campus Culture, Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Study

From the Chair of the Institutional Innovation Advisory Council
The President’s Institutional Innovation Advisory Council (IIAC) is pleased to announce that 246 employees participated in the focus groups offered after the initial findings of the Campus Culture and Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey were released. The focus groups were held to deepen our understanding of the findings and gather additional ideas and input from the campus community to inform recommendations for the strategic plan within the areas of the IIAC’s charge.

Although the IIAC had hoped to share the final report with the president in March and with the campus community after that, the IIAC unanimously voted to share the report in April, as more time is needed to integrate the focus groups' findings in a meaningful way to ensure that the report is valuable to the campus community. An update on this process was provided at the College Senate meeting on Friday, March 12. The podcast of the March 12 meeting is available on the College Senate website; the IIAC update begins at 1:03:05.

Please contact IIAC chair Jonathan Hulbert, director of leadership and organizational development, with questions.