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Posted: Thursday, November 1, 2018

SUNY Professional Development Week November 13-16

The SUNY Center for Professional Development is hosting an awareness campaign for Professional Development Week, November 13–16, highlighting the important connection between lifelong learning, personal growth, and transformative organizational success. We hope you’ll take advantage of these refreshing opportunities. Whether it’s to learn something new or to reexamine your core values and strengths as a leader, there’s something for you. Registration is required.

Digital Badges and Other Ways to Document Faculty Development Activities
How is your campus helping instructors document and communicate what they learn in your programs? In this webinar, you will learn how digital badges can be used to assist faculty members with navigating their professional development paths. Participants are also encouraged to come to the webinar willing to share methods they have used to help faculty document their professional learning.

Using Microsoft SharePoint: An Overview from New Horizons
This session will provide a high-level overview of SharePoint functionality, including how to interact with SharePoint team sites; work with documents, content, and libraries; interact in SharePoint; work with lists; and integrate SharePoint with Microsoft Office.

Leading Change Efforts to Improve Campus Retention
For the past four years, SUNY Canton has worked to promote a "culture of student success and retention" using Kotter’s Change Model to support new and current retention efforts. Improvement has been noted in the college’s success indicators, with a 7 percent increase in retention and a 13 percent increase in graduation rates. This presentation will focus on how SUNY Canton used the principles of Kotter's Change Model to initiate new ways of thinking about student success.

Professional Adulting
Join a workshop discussion on developing key competencies for effective communication and teamwork. We will learn how to integrate self-awareness, empathy, and diplomacy for success at work and in the profession.

Building Your Foundation: Six Domains of Knowledge for Higher Education Leaders
Leading within a college or university requires more than effectively managing staff, making sure courses are scheduled, or responding to students’ demands. Rather, leaders in higher education, from department chairs to vice presidents, need to understand how to motivate and inspire their teams, demonstrate institutional commitment, be authentic, and bring people together to achieve a shared vision of student success. This requires individuals to have a strong sense of who they are as leaders, understand the institutional mission and context, understand the students they serve, and know what motivates their team. We have identified six domains of knowledge that we believe are critical for any leader in higher education to be successful in his or her role.

Submitted by: Meghan E Pereira
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