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Posted: Friday, May 24, 2019

Summer 2019 Construction: Impacts on Traffic, Parking

Listed below are construction projects that will temporarily affect traffic, parking, or pedestrian wayfinding during summer 2019. These projects are part of the ongoing effort to upgrade campus facilities and perform critical maintenance and repairs.

Coyer Field: About 100 student parking spaces in the southern portion of Lot I-39 will be offline through Friday, August 23, while the Coyer Field turf is being replaced.

Iroquois Drive Reconstruction, Phase 1: Iroquois Drive will be closed to vehicular traffic between parking lots I-35 and I-39 though Friday, August 23. A two-way traffic detour through Tower Drive and Lot I-39 will be posted. About 200 student parking spaces will be offline in the northern portion of Lot I-39 while this project is underway. Iroquois Drive reconstruction will replace the deteriorated roadway and drainage system and provide additional sidewalks for pedestrian use. High-visibility crosswalks and LED site lighting will also be added. 

Performing Arts Center at Rockwell Hall: Ten parking spaces in Lot I-30 will be unavailable until Monday, September 30, to facilitate renovations to the Performing Arts Center and other spaces in Rockwell Hall.  

Porter Hall: The Porter Hall south loading dock will be closed and four adjacent parking spaces in Lot R-1 will be offline until Friday, August 9, while asbestos-containing materials are removed from the building.

Various Buildings: Slate roofs will be repaired on six campus buildings this summer: Rockwell Hall, Bacon Hall, Ketchum Hall, Savage Theater and Communication Building, Campus House, and the Carriage House at the president’s residence. A portion of the sidewalk around each building will be temporarily closed to allow the contractors to lift materials to and from the roof. Work will progress sequentially from one building to another. Four parking spaces in the northeast portion of Lot R-2 will be unavailable until Friday, August 2.

Thank you for your patience as these summer projects proceed. Questions may be e-mailed to

Submitted by: Jill Powell
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