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Posted: Monday, March 29, 2021

Student Edition: Take A LooK (TALK) videos

Take A LooK (TALK) videos are short videos created for educators that promote looking at artwork in the Burchfield Penney Art Center’s collection. Youth observe an artwork, create a sketch, and use critical thinking skills throughout the video. Buffalo State College students in AED 100 with lecturer Kathy Gaye Shiroki produced their own Take A LooK (TALK) videos. Their fresh perspective reminds us that personal backgrounds craft many viewpoints to consider when looking at a work of art.

The Student Edition Take A LooK (TALK) videos are posted biweekly on the center’s social media platforms.

Charles E Burchfield, Wind-Blown Asters
Jason Seeley, Backpack
Nancy Belfer, Structures and Passageways

For further information, please e-mail Kathy Gaye Shiroki.

Submitted by: Kathy G. Shiroki