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Posted: Thursday, December 16, 2021

Student Accessibility Services Note-Taking Program Thanks Its Fall 2021 Peer Volunteer Notetakers

During the fall 2021 semester, several wonderful students provided peer note-taking services for Student Accessibility Services.

Peer notetakers are volunteers who have met standards of quality and excellence in order to assist us with ensuring equal access to education for students who receive the note-taking accommodation.

Peer notetaker duties extend beyond just providing a copy of one's notes. Peer notetakers ensure that their notes are tailored to suit the needs of the student(s) they serve. This is not an easy task, because of the level of need that may be required. Taking notes can involve rephrasing content, providing notes in differing formats, and working with Student Accessibility Services to ensure that all notes are up to quality and accessibility standards.

The following students have displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and care, and we thank them for their time and dedication this semester.

Name of Student - Major                        

Ennis Bennett - Economics
Prayushi Bhorania - Computer Information Systems and Applied Mathematics
Marianna Braun - Social Work
Samantha Coleman - Individualized Studies
Angelina Cruzal - Writing
Jodie Ducheine - Social Work
Katelyn Egan - English 7–12
McCartney Geartz - Special Education and Childhood Education
Madison Haile - Fashion and Textile Technology
Khalil Jones - English
Riya Jones - Art History
Naykia Louis - Criminal Justice
Shariah Lyons - Pre-Business Administration
Hardaisha Porter - Writing
Kendra Prescott - Chemistry
Allarae Prigan - Biology
Alfred Ricketts - Art
Natalia Silva - Pre-Criminal Justice
Megan Szal - Social Work
Cassandra Thurn - Early Childhood and Childhood Education
Bethanie Tinoco - Dietetics
Samantha Vitale - Social Work
Chloe Willis - Speech-Language Pathology

Please join us in thanking them for helping us keep Buffalo State College a civil and caring academic community.

Submitted by: Andrea G. Gustafson