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Posted: Thursday, December 12, 2019

Student Accessibility Services Note-Taking Program Fall 2019 Peer Volunteers

Student Accessibility Services thanks the students who served as peer notetakers during the fall 2018 semester. Peer notetakers are volunteers who have met standards of quality and excellence to assist us with ensuring equal access to education for students who receive the note-taking accommodation.

Peer notetaker duties extend beyond simply making copies of their notes. Notetakers make sure that their notes are tailored to suit the needs of the student(s) they support. This is not an easy task, for some of our students have very specific needs. Taking notes can involve rephrasing content, typing notes in a specific font, enlarging notes to a specific size, or meeting with the student receiving the notes to ensure that all notes are up to quality and accessibility standards.

The following students have displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and care in making sure that the students they were supporting had the opportunity to succeed. Please join us in thanking them for helping us keep Buffalo State College a civil and caring academic community.

Saharatu Abdallah
Madeline Brown
Travis Brown
Yejide Bunche
Kaitlyn Burr
Nylasha Cabness
Madison Clark
Kimberly Cuapio
Krisanally Desalu
Edrie Dorbor
Grace Farley
Joseph Flading
Erin Fleming
Justin Gorrell
Olivia Harbol
Storm James
Monson Jean
Deanna Kanavel
Ashley Kellman
Bushra Khanam
Javeona Kirby
Alyssa Klaffka
Alexis Lunn
Jamie Malkowski
Eh Meh
Crystal Mena
Eva Ostrander
Alexandra Purdy
Kylie Reach
Samantha Ribbeck
Sakeena Saleh
Schyla Santana
Shelby Seelbinder
Chelsea Simmeth
Christina Stoessel
Tasnesshade Stone
Bethanie Tinoco
Nadeje Tuitt
Sascha Vom Heede
Michael Wurster
Alexie Zeigler

Submitted by: Andrea G Gustafson
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