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Posted: Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Spotlight on Community-Engaged Faculty and Community Partners: Population Health Collaborative

Throughout the academic year, the Civic and Community Engagement Office will highlight the efforts of our community-engaged and service-learning faculty members and community partners. We are grateful to all our faculty members who are engaged in this important work.

This semester, the Population Health Collaborative (PHC) has partnered with HEW 412: Community Health Promotion Programs, taught by Jonathan Lindner, adjunct lecturer in Health, Nutrition, and Dietetics and senior coordinator of health promotion programs in the Institute for Community Health Promotion (ICHP).

The PHC, composed of not-for-profit and for-profit agencies, is working to improve regional health outcomes through the work of its Live Well WNY Task Force and 3-4-50 initiative. Live Well WNY is a collective movement that strives to reduce the impact of chronic disease in the eight counties of Western New York by using existing resources that help people make positive choices to be tobacco-free and physically active, and to pursue healthful diets. 

As part of these PHC initiatives, the students in HEW 412 are developing a media-messaging campaign that addresses physical and mental well-being of youth and adults in our community. In addition to this semester’s campaign, the PHC is working with them to gather information that is then used to develop and implement regional strategies for population health improvement. Specifically, HEW 412 students have created targeted public service announcement videos highlighting the importance of physical activity and nutrition. The varied work of the students with the organization’s staff connects to the Population Health Collaborative’s mission to connect diverse perspectives, experiences, and resources in creating a healthier Western New York.  

Submitted by: Tonya J. Ackley