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Posted: Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Spending Constraints in Butler library

Given the financial hardship on campus during the COVID-19 pandemic, Butler Library, along with other departments, has been asked to reduce its spending costs in anticipation of an expected budget shortfall.

Consequently, we must make difficult decisions for the renewal of library resources, and regrettably may need to cancel some high-cost products until we can confirm budget stability.

Librarians and staff members will put forth every effort to justify our costs based on historical feedback from faculty and departments, and we promise to review any reduced services a year from now, when more reliable financial forecasts are available.

The following individual journal subscriptions have been canceled because of low use or duplication:

  • AATCC Review 
  • Alcohol and Alcoholism  
  • American Journal of Physical Anthropology 
  • Cambridge Journal of Economics  
  • Communication Culture and Critique (available with one-year embargo from Communication and Mass Media Complete) 
  • Communication Theory (available with one-year embargo from Communication and Mass Media Complete) 
  • Geological Society of America Bulletin (we retain access through Energy & Power Source) 
  • Geology (we retain access through Environment Complete) 
  • Human Communication Research (available with one-year embargo from Communication and Mass Media Complete) 
  • International Journal of Data Analysis 
  • Journal of Communication (available with one-year embargo from Communication and Mass Media Complete) 
  • Journal of Economic Geography  
  • Journal of Economic History (available with five-year embargo from JSTOR) 
  • Journal of the Geological Society  
  • Learning Disabilities Research & Practice 
  • Philosophy Compass 
  • Proceedings of the Nutrition Society  
  • Review of Keynesian Economics  
  • Science (print only) 
  • Social Studies and the Young Learner 
  • Sociology Compass 
  • Studies in Second Language Acquisition
  • The Learning and Technology Library Package

Canceling these 23 journals will result in significant savings. Those savings in turn will be used to preserve access to several large journal collections, which consist of thousands of journals with hundreds of times more use.

We will retain perpetual access to many of these titles for the years we were subscribed, and there is extensive coverage for many in our various journal aggregators. Access to front-list content can be obtained through our Interlibrary Loan Service.

These cancellations need not be permanent; some access may be restored during our annual review in 2021.

We appreciate your understanding as we navigate these difficult financial times. Please send questions to Joe Riggie, head of information management. 

Submitted by: Joseph W. Riggie
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