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From the President

Posted: Thursday, September 17, 2020

Performance Evaluations

Each Buffalo State College employee plays a valuable and critical role in helping us fulfill our mission. Supervisors have the added responsibility of providing honest and constructive feedback to their staff members to assist them in addressing any performance issues, and to provide positive commentary where appropriate to motivate and encourage excellent performance.

I firmly believe that performance evaluations, goal setting, and accountability are, in fact, a primary responsibility of every supervisor, and it is my expectation that they be done each year for all employees. Supervisors should be aware that fulfilling this important responsibility will be considered in decisions to award discretionary increases, promotions, and other personnel actions.

Our campus has performance evaluation systems in place that are intended to clarify job expectations, encourage and support professional development, provide quality feedback, and foster continuous performance related communication between supervisor and employee.

I strongly encourage all supervisors to use the process and forms available at on the Human Resource Management website and to consult with our Human Resource Management staff members if you have any questions on the process or need advice on addressing performance issues.

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