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Posted: Thursday, November 29, 2018

Pre-Tax Health Insurance Contribution Program Changes: Deadline Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the last day to make changes to the pre-tax/after tax contribution status for health insurance deductions or to make limited changes without a qualifying event.

Each November, enrollees in the NYS Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP) may elect to participate or decline participation in the Pre-Tax Contribution Program (PTCP) for the upcoming plan year. During November, current PTCP enrollees may also make the following changes to their coverage, which affect the NYSHIP deduction for the upcoming plan year, without a qualifying event:

  • Change pre-tax status for health insurance deductions
  • Change from family to individual coverage
  • Voluntarily cancel health insurance

If you are enrolled in PTCP, your share of the health insurance premium is deducted from your wages before taxes are withheld, which may lower your taxes. Enrollment in PTCP also restricts changes that can be made to the NYSHIP coverage (e.g., switching to individual coverage) to situations in which a qualifying event takes place. Not enrolling in PTCP allows greater flexibility to make changes to NYSHIP coverage throughout the plan year.

Your paycheck shows whether or not you are enrolled in PTCP.

If you are enrolled in PTCP, your paycheck stub shows Regular Before-Tax Health in the Before-Tax Deductions section. If you are not enrolled in PTCP, your paycheck stub shows Regular After-Tax Health in the After-Tax Deductions section. Your health insurance premium is deducted from your wages after taxes are withheld.

November 1–30 is the only time you can change your Pre-Tax Contribution Program election.

For more information about PTCP and the allowable coverage changes while enrolled in PTCP, please refer to the PTCP fact sheet (PDF, 334 KB).

If you wish to change your PTCP selection for 2019, you must complete sections 1–9 and 13 of the NYS Health Insurance Transaction Form (PDF, 78 KB) and file the completed form with the Benefits Office, Cleveland Hall 410, by the close of business tomorrow, November 30.

No action is required to keep your current PTCP status.

Submitted by: Linda L Kravitz