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Posted: Monday, August 31, 2020

Please Encourage First-Year Students to Take the CSI

As part of the Title III initiatives, all first-year students will receive an e-mail during the second week of classes asking them to complete the Noel Levitz College Student Inventory (CSI). Students will have until Sunday, September 13, to complete the survey. If you are interacting with first-year students, please strongly encourage them to complete the survey before the deadline.

After completing the survey, students will receive an e-mail with access to and feedback on their results. Students' individual survey results will be transferred to the Bengal Success Portal. Students who are experiencing numerous challenges will be automatically flagged to trigger an immediate response from the support staff.

Based on the CSI results and the fall progress reports during the fourth week of classes, completion coaches, professional advisers, Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) counselors, and Say Yes counselors will meet with individual students to discuss their results and connect them to needed support services.

For instance, we will be able to distinguish students who are considering transferring out, need career planning support, need counseling services, are facing financial difficulties, or would benefit from tutoring. In addition, aggregate data will be used by various departments to better understand incoming students’ strengths and challenges.  

Thank you to Carlos Jones, interim dean of the School of Arts and Humanities; Natalie Szymanski, director of the College Writing Program and assistant professor of English; all CWP 101 and CWP 102 faculty members; Yanick Jenkins, director of the Educational Opportunity Program; Amy McMillan, director of the Muriel A. Howard Honors Program; Stanley Simmons, Say Yes coordinator; Sara Reese, associate director of advising; Shawnte Wilson, associate director student leadership and engagement; Tricia Herritt, director of international students and scholars; Jeffrey Ventura, associate director of athletics; and their staff for motivating students to complete this survey during the second week of classes. Lastly, thank you for helping communicate this message to all our first-year students!

The more students who complete the survey, the more accurate the services they will receive.

To learn more about the Noel Levitz CSI or other Title III activities, please visit the Title III website or e-mail Agnes Zak-Moskal, Title III activity director.

Submitted by: Agnieszka D. Zak-Moskal
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