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Posted: Thursday, November 16, 2017

Information Security Awareness: Been Pwned Lately-

"In mid-2017, a spam list of over 105 million individuals in corporate America was discovered online. Referred to as 'B2B USA Businesses,' the list categorized email addresses by employer, providing information on individuals’ job titles plus their work phone numbers and physical addresses." Read more about spam lists in haveIbeenpwned.

Each week we receive e-mail from haveIbeenpwned. The e-mail contains lists of e-mail addresses that are from Go to haveIbeenpwned. Type in, one at a time, every e-mail address you own. If it comes out on a report, change your password for that account. This week’s report shows Buffalo State domains exposed in a PoliceOne hack and B2B USA Businesses. Go to haveibeenpwned and read about what these breaches entail.

Submitted by: Melissa J Miszkiewicz