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Posted: Monday, November 20, 2017

Information Security Awareness: Are You Still Using Office 2013 on Your Office Computer-

Office 2016 for Mac and PC has been available for campus-owned computers for some time, yet few have availed themselves of the upgrade. We recommend you make time to upgrade your campus-owned computer (desktop or laptop) to the latest version of Office 2016. While Office 2013 is still supported by Microsoft with security patches, it won’t be for long. Our students use Office 2016, and Office 2016 is installed in campus labs. 

How Do I Upgrade My Campus-Owned Computer to Office 2016?
Instructions for PC Users
Instructions for Mac Users

Office 2016 applications offer some great new features, including many new automations in Excel. Additional information on how to get started with MSOffice 2016 is available on the RITE Support website.

Submitted by: Melissa J Miszkiewicz