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Posted: Friday, October 9, 2020

'Increasing International Connections for Knowledge Mobilization' - October 15

Please join the Civic and Community Engagement Office for the webinar "Increasing International Connections for Knowledge Mobilization" on Thursday, October 15, from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. This event is presented by Campus Compact as part of its National Webinar Series and is free to members of the Buffalo State College community. Speakers are Beth Tryon, María Jesús Pinazo Delgado, Florence Piron, and Norbert Stieinhaus.

Community engagement professionals from the University of Wisconsin–Madison will facilitate a session with EU practitioners to increase cross-country connections for knowledge exchange. With so much output around engagement within our own borders, it can be difficult to know where to access new knowledge coming out globally, and there is much to share between countries about different ways to organize community-based research in all its forms (CBR, CBPR, PAR). In our experience, graduate students and new faculty members have said they want to learn more about different models to create equitable research and class projects.

The International Living Knowledge Network of “Science Shops” has a 40-year history using principles of knowledge co-creation in a “brokerage” type fashion. Forging positive links with researchers in the EU and beyond would also yield mutually beneficial exchanges of information and resources in both directions, helping increase the reach of CBR and innovation projects globally. While current U.S. political polarization creates heavy headwinds for science and research, many U.S. individuals and institutions are working hard to encourage knowledge co-production, including some robust activities in CBR and Citizen Science we can share and compare.

Please register online for this webinar and for as many other presentations in the National Webinar Series as you would like.

Submitted by: Naomi W. Hall
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Thursday, October 15, 2020