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Posted: Thursday, December 14, 2017

Health Insurance Opt-Out Program Enrollment Ends Tomorrow

The enrollment period for the 2018 NYSHIP Opt-Out Program ends tomorrow, December 15. This program allows eligible employees who have other employer-sponsored group health insurance to opt out of their NYSHIP coverage in exchange for an incentive payment. The incentive payment is $1,000 for opting out of individual coverage or $3,000 for opting out of family coverage on an annual basis.

If you are enrolled in NYSHIP and wish to participate in the Opt-Out Program for 2018, you must complete and return the NYS Health Insurance Transaction Form (PDF, 150 KB) and the Opt-Out Attestation Form (PDF, 161 KB), along with a copy of your health insurance card, to Cleveland Hall 410 by tomorrow.

If you currently participate in the Opt-Out Program, you must re-enroll for 2018. If you do not make the election for 2018, your enrollment in the Opt-Out Program will end, and the incentive payment credited to your paycheck will stop. You must elect the Opt-Out Program each year; it does not automatically continue.

The complete Opt-Out Program description, including eligibility requirements and enrollment forms, is available on the Human Resource Management website.

Please call the Employee Benefits Office at 878-4821 with questions or for additional information.

Submitted by: Linda L Kravitz