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Posted: Thursday, October 11, 2018

Curricular Proposal Submissions: Fall 2018

From the Chair of the College Senate Curriculum Committee
A KissFlow Help document (PDF, 295 KB) is posted on the College Senate Curriculum Committee website to help curricular authors prepare and upload proposals to KissFlow. This instructive document includes important information to know before submitting proposals for review. Curricular authors should always check with their associate deans before submitting a course or program proposal to KissFlow.

When submitting a course or program proposal via KissFlow, please make certain that your associate dean has approved the assigned prefix number or code. It is imperative that the correct prefixes for new or revised proposals be submitted, as these will eventually be entered in Banner and the course catalogs. All proposals must accurately reflect the nature of the course or program. A revision should state “Reason for Revision,” as opposed to new, which states “Reason for Addition.” Also make certain that the title and description on the KissFlow routing form match the title and description on the local routing form, especially catalog descriptions. If a title change occurs after the first submission, the new title should be reflected on the revised proposal description. The College Senate Office sometimes receives mismatched proposals, leading to inaccurate listings in the Daily Bulletin and further delaying the final approval process. Associate deans must ensure that all submissions match their routing forms and proposals before sending them to the Senate Office via KissFlow. The Senate Office checks submissions but is not responsible for mismatched documents.