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Posted: Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Columbus Day, Veterans Day Holidays

This year, classes are scheduled on Columbus Day, Monday, October 12, and Veterans Day, Wednesday, November 11. Please be mindful of the importance of communicating our availability to the community. Department heads and supervisors should let their classified and professional employees know whether they will be required to work on these days.  

Department heads and supervisors are encouraged to make every effort to consider requests to have the holiday off from employees who are veterans.

The following state attendance rules apply to employees who are required to work:

Classified employees who work on October 12 and/or November 11 will be compensated according to their holiday waiver status. Those who have not elected to waive additional money for holiday work will receive holiday pay per their bargaining unit agreements. Employees who have waived additional money for holiday work will receive compensatory time off instead of additional holiday pay. Classified employees who wish to inquire about their current holiday waiver status may contact the Payroll Office at 878-4124.

UUP-represented and M/C employees who are eligible to observe holidays and are required to work on October 12 and/or November 11 will be granted a compensatory day off. The compensatory day off should be scheduled within one year of the holiday at a time agreeable to the employee and his or her supervisor.

Employees who are not required to work on October 12 and/or November 11 do not need to charge leave accruals for that day.

As a reminder, we encourage you to post notices in advance on your office door and on your website, use the out-of-office automatic e-mail replies, and change voice mail recordings so that students and other employees are aware that the office  may not be available. These messages should include information on whom to contact in case an issue requires immediate attention.

Submitted by: Jamie E. Warnes
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