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From the Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Posted: Monday, May 2, 2016

Philanthropy at Work

Every year the Buffalo Niagara Ambassador Awards ceremony provides the opportunity to pay tribute to hospitality and tourism professionals who serve as examples of all that our students can and should achieve in the industry. It’s also a chance to award exemplary students with scholarships. Events like this would not be possible without philanthropy.

During this year’s award ceremony held on April 20, the hospitality and tourism faculty recognized one of its top students, senior Cara Crowder, with the $15,000 Statler Scholarship of Excellence. We are extremely grateful to a foundation that recognizes the hard work of our students with such generous scholarships.

The Statler Foundation continues to provide incredible support to our hospitality and tourism program. It has provided $25,000 in scholarships this year, along with $20,000 for the study-abroad program in Italy. It also has given $375,000 for culinary facilities in the newly renovated Caudell Hall.

During the Ambassador Awards ceremony, scholarships also were awarded to students from other donors, including Pano’s Restaurant, Hart Hotels, the New York State Club Managers Association, the New York State Restaurant Association, and the Hospitality and Tourism Department.

I know with the help of the many community partners who support the hospitality and tourism program, our students have a bright future ahead.