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From the President

Posted: Wednesday, November 30, 2016

College Planning Council

Now that the strategic plan has been completed and approved, I am pleased to announce the members of the College Planning Council (CPC), who will begin the work of monitoring and assessing the implementation, progress, and completion of all goals delineated within the plan. The new charge for the committee is also listed below.

Chair: Melanie Perreault, Provost
Co-chair: Amy McMillan, Chair, College Senate; Associate Professor, Biology

William Benfanti, Associate Vice President for Government Relations, Institutional Advancement
Cynthia Conides, Associate Professor, History and Social Studies Education
Jerod Dahlgren, Public Relations Director, College Relations
David Demers, Chief Information Officer, R.I.T.E.
Bonita Durand, Chief of Staff, President's Office
Jason Grinnell, Chair and Associate Professor, Philosophy
Charles Kenyon, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students
Kimberly Kline, Chair and Professor, Higher Education Administration
Eric "Luke" Krieg, Chair and Professor, Sociology
Lisa Krieger, Assistant Vice President, Finance and Management
Rosalyn Lindner, Associate Vice President for Assessment and Curriculum
Maureen Lindstrom, Librarian, Butler Library
Bettina Martinez-Hackert, Assistant Professor, Earth Sciences and Science Education
James Mayrose, Dean, School of the Professions
Jason Parker, Diversity Program Coordinator, Equity and Campus Diversity
Howard Reid, Professor, Psychology
Sarah Reid, Facilities Planner, Facilities Planning
Amy Rosen-Brand, Associate Director, Student Accessibility Services
Christopher Shively, Assistant Professor, Elementary Education and Reading

Terron Grant, President, United Students Government
David Nielsen, Graduate Student Association

The charge of the CPC is to monitor and assess the progress and completion of all goals associated with the Buffalo State urban-engaged campus strategic plan (2016–2021).

  1. The CPC will review progress on all elements of the goals assigned to members of the cabinet.
  2. The CPC will set up a timeline for all cabinet members to report the status of goals under their direction.
  3. The details of the report that will be submitted to the CPC will be defined by the CPC but will include a written report; documentation of progress toward completion of goals; when appropriate, efficacy of the project being described; how the goal is meeting the specific goal or element within the strategic plan; and any budgetary issues related to the goals.
  4. The CPC will provide a written summary report on or before June 15 of each year to the president indicating the progress toward goals; any recommendations related to specific goals; and any changes related to the goals based on the CPC's review of information provided by the supervising unit. The president will meet with the chair and/or members of the CPC to receive and discuss this summary report.