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From the President

Posted: Friday, December 9, 2016

2016–2017 Campus Safety Forum Membership

I am pleased to announce the membership of the 2016–2017 Campus Safety Forum. I have also appointed a special subcommittee to support the work of the Safety Forum on specific topics.

It is the responsibility of the Campus Safety Forum to review current campus policies and procedures for compliance and make recommendations for their improvement if and where appropriate related to (1) educating the campus community, including security personnel and those persons who advise or supervise students, about sexual assault; (2) educating the campus community about personal safety and crime prevention; (3) reporting sexual assaults and interacting with victims during investigations; (4) referring complaints to appropriate authorities; (5) counseling victims; and (6) responding to inquiries from concerned persons. The Safety Forum reports in writing to the college president on its findings and recommendations at least once each academic year.

Chair: Charles Kenyon, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students
Patrick DeWind, Senior Database Administrator, RITE Services
Cynthia Fasla, Associate Registrar, Registrar’s Office
Paula Madrigal, Assistant Director of Prevention and Health Promotions, Weigel Health Center
Andrea Nikischer, Assistant Professor, Adult Education
Jason Parker, Diversity Program Coordinator, Equity and Campus Diversity
Amy Pedlow, Assistant Chief of Police, University Police
Ramona Santa Maria, Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems
Robert Warren, Associate Professor, Biology
Amy Wilson, Assistant Professor, Higher Education Administration

Student Representatives:
Danielle Consaul (GSA)
Ronald Dupree (GSA)
Berthlyne Francois (USG)
Joseph Grande (GSA)
Kaicherise McRae (GSA)
Keanna Morrison (USG)
Danielle Walker (GSA)

Special Subcommittee
Jerod Dahlgren, Director of Public Relations, College Relations
Terry Harding, Director of Campus Services
Marsha Jurkowski, Library Clerk 3, Butler Library
Lisa Krieger, Assistant Vice President, Finance and Management
Steven Shaffer, Manager of Design and Construction, Facilities Planning