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Curricular Items

Posted: Thursday, November 12, 2015

Urgent: Outstanding Curricular Revisions (APRs)

Several outstanding curricular items remain from the 2014–2015 academic year that were approved pending revisions (APR)* by the College Senate Curriculum Committee. The College Senate Office requests that all schools and departments please follow up with these outstanding APRs. If you received a request to revise your submission (a.k.a. green revisions or APRs) from the previous College Senate Curriculum Committee chair, Karen Sands-O’Connor, please respond in a timely manner so that your curricular proposal can move forward to the final local** approval process if the expectation is for the course to be offered in spring 2016. The respective associate dean must sign all routing forms and provide paper and electronic copies of updated course descriptions reflective of the revisions requested by the Curriculum Committee. The College Senate thanks those schools that have followed up with APRs from last year.

Several curricular items are awaiting revisions before they can be finalized and advanced to the president. Please check with your associate dean or department chair to ensure that these are completed. Please contact Vincent Masci, assistant to the College Senate, 878-5139, with questions.

*Curricular items that were approved by the College Senate Curriculum Committee pending minor revisions.

**All programs must meet SUNY guidelines; SUNY reviews are conducted in Albany, following local reviews. Approval or denial of all programs is at the discretion of SUNY.