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Curricular Items

Posted: Thursday, October 20, 2016

Curricular Items

From the Chair of the College Senate Curriculum Committee
Advanced to the President
The following has been approved by the College Senate Curriculum Committee and forwarded to the president for review and approval:

New Course:
SPF 615 Foundations of Social Change


Advanced to the Curriculum Committee
The following were submitted to the College Senate Office by the 15th of the month and have been forwarded to the College Senate Curriculum Committee for review on October 25:

New Programs:
Advanced Certificate in Nonprofit Management (Graduate), PAD
Certificate in World Language Advantage (Undergraduate), SED

Program Revision:
B.A. Theater, BA-AH THA

New Courses:
BUS 364 Supply-Chain Management. Prerequisites: MAT 311 or ECO 305 or equivalent and BUS 360. Design and management of supply chains for competing effectively in global markets. The management of specific functions such as procurement, manufacturing, logistics, and interorganizational information and coordination. Topics include qualitative and quantitative techniques for optimum configuration of supply chains, including design of configuration, postponement, mass customization, location, vendor-managed inventory, supply networks, and strategic alliances.

GEG 584 Geospatial Programming. Prerequisite: Instructor permission. Introduction to Python programming focusing on the development of Python scripts and custom tools for processing and analysis of geospatial data. Automating geoprocessing workflows, creating custom analysis tool, and customizing user interfaces.

MAT 430 Set Theory. Prerequisite: MAT 300 with a minimum grade of C. Fundamental facts about abstract sets—relations, functions, natural numbers, order, cardinality, transfinite recursion, the axiom of choice, Zorn’s lemma, ordinal numbers, and cardinal numbers—within the framework of axiomatic set theory.  Axioms used to investigate infinite sets and to generalize the concepts of induction and recursion. Offered fall semester.