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From the Chief Information Officer

Posted: Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Enhanced E-mail Service

Resources for Information, Technology, and Education (RITE) is pleased to announce an exciting technological change that will significantly enhance productivity, access, reliability, and communication efficiency for Buffalo State College: the launch of Microsoft Office 365 for faculty and staff.

After a thorough assessment of the current e-mail environment and evaluation of available platforms and systems, RITE has identified the cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 platform as the most appropriate solution for meeting the needs of the Buffalo State community. Office 365 will provide a comprehensive set of services and tools that will provide enhanced e-mail, web-based collaboration, and cloud storage solutions for faculty and staff.

We understand many users of the current e-mail system have experienced restricted functionality and the inherent frustration this causes. We ask for your patience and cooperation as we focus resources on the deployment of the Office 365 environment for faculty and staff, which will permanently resolve these reported issues.

RITE has already begun the preparation process for migrating users' e-mail accounts from the current e-mail system to the Office 365 environment, as well as for providing access to the larger suite of Office 365 applications. E-mail accounts will be migrated in batches over the remainder of the summer with the expectation that users will be able to take advantage of the new hosted e-mail solution around the beginning of the fall term. RITE will also be rolling out additional Office 365 functionality and features in a phased approach throughout the fall semester.

For additional information and updates on the progress of the Office 365 migration project, please visit the RITE website or contact the RITE Support Desk.