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From the Chief Information Officer

Posted: Monday, October 24, 2016

Completion of Office 365 Migration and Spam: What You Should Know

RITE is excited to announce that the Office 365 migration project will conclude on Tuesday morning, October 26. Over the past few months during the transition period, we have been operating in a "hybrid" e-mail environment where e-mail traffic is first delivered to the internal Barracuda Spam Firewall appliance and subsequently routed to either the old Exchange server or to the new Office 365 environment, depending on where the user's mailbox was located. 

Beginning tomorrow morning, the old Exchange environment will be essentially "turned off," at which point, all incoming and outgoing e-mail will be transmitted directly to the Office 365 environment, bypassing the Barracuda Spam Filter and taking full advantage of the built-in spam filtering functionality available in Office 365. As a result of this change, it is possible that some users may experience a change in the volume of messages flagged as spam. During the next few weeks, we strongly encourage users to routinely monitor their Junk Email folders for legitimate messages that may have incorrectly been classified as spam. If you find a message that doesn't belong in the Junk folder, simply click on the "It's not spam" link at the top of the message or drag it back to the Inbox or any other folder of your choosing.
We continue to encourage everyone to review the questions on our Office 365 FAQ page, including the impact on accessing e-mail on mobile devices and the significant enhancements and benefits available. RITE has also begun offering several Office 365 training workshops for which you may register online through the Workshop Registration System.
Please send your questions, comments, and concerns to the RITE Support Desk via e-mail. If you encounter any problems with your e-mail or calendar, please notify the Support Desk at 878-4357 as soon as possible.