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Posted: Thursday, July 24, 2014

Campus Wayfinding: Parking Lots

From the Vice President for Finance and Management
As part of Buffalo State’s comprehensive new wayfinding program, campus map nomenclature has changed.

For example, the parking lot naming system has changed. Lots are now alphanumeric, beginning with the first letter of the road that the lot is located on: Grant (G), Iroquois (I), Rockwell (R). Lots are numbered starting at Elmwood and moving west, with gaps for future changes. Rules for each lot appear on new wayfinding signage.

IMPORTANT: While the parking lot naming system has changed, parking lot designations remain the same. All faculty lots remain faculty lots. All student lots remain student lots. All visitor lots remain visitor lots.

This new parking lot naming system goes into effect on or about August 1. Please begin referring to the lots by their new names in any future communications involving campus directions.

Please visit the Finance and Management and Corbin Design websites for more information, or e-mail with any questions.