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Posted: Thursday, July 31, 2014

Campus Wayfinding: Entrance Names

From the Vice President for Finance and Management
As part of Buffalo State’s comprehensive new wayfinding program, the nomenclature used on campus maps has changed.

For instance, the campus is now logically mapped into two zones: Grant and Elmwood. Each of these zones offers a primary entrance to campus: the Grant Entrance (at Grant Street and Rockwell Road) and the Elmwood Entrance (at Elmwood Avenue and Rockwell Road). Secondary entrances are the Iroquois Entrance (at Iroquois Drive and Elmwood Avenue) and the Coyer Entrance (at Coyer Field and Grant Street).

Please note these entrance names and begin referring to them in any future communications involving campus directions.

Please visit the Finance and Management and Corbin Design websites for more information, or e-mail with any questions.